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Marius Strand @ Strand Studio - Marius Strand @ Strand Studio - Producer / Engineer / Mixing / Mastering in Oslo

Strand Studio was initially founded by musician, producer and engineer Marius Strand purely for enthusiastic reasons, but now among references are bands like Chrome Division (feat. members from Dimmu Borgir), The Wretched End (feat. members from Emperor, Dark Funeral), Susperia, Insidious Disease (feat. members of Dimmu Borgir and Old Man’s Child) and In Vain.

Marius Strand likes to play several musical instruments and dig deep into recording hardware and software. The soul purpose is to deliver the highest quality possible for a very fair price. No project is finished before the client is happy. All genres are equally welcome, even though rock and metal music have been most common. Services offered are production, tracking, mixing, mastering and video editing/production.

Latest testimonials

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Lars Vegas

The first time I was recording at Strand studio I was really scared. It was the first time I had ever recorded clean vocals but Strand made me feel welcome and helped me get a better understanding of it, and the rest is history.

Lars Vegas Fight The Fight 07/03/2018

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I've recorded at Strand Studio several times and it was an altogether positive experience. Strand is an organized and skilled engineer and producer.

The Wretched End, Emperor 19/07/2016

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Baard Kolstad

It’s refreshing when entering a studio where high-end drums, gear and everything else is set up in order and ready to go. It’s makes for a smooth process. A technician with good patience, well trained ears and persistence at all times is conditional for me be to be able to give my absolute best performance and M. Strand qualifies in all of these categories.

Leprous, Rendezvous Point, Borknagar 19/07/2016

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I have worked with Marius Strand several times, recording albums for Susperia, Black Comedy and Gromth in his studio. He is a very skilled musician and sound engineer, and he delivers perfect results everytime.


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Nils Fjellström (Dominator)

Recording with Marius at Strand Studio is easily one of my best studio experiences. Equipment is top notch and Marius is very coherent and has a great ear for what you’re trying to capture when playing. I look forward to recording there again.

Dark Funeral, The Wretched End, AeonChild 19/07/2016

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Aki Viitala

I’ve recorded drums at Strand Studio, and I would gladly recommend his services to all professional bands. The studio is equipped with state of the art drums and Marius Strand has the know-how to use it brilliantly. I will continue to use Strand Studio’s services in the future.

Shot at Dawn 19/07/2016

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Ørjan Paulsen

Strand Studio is without doubt a professional and flexible studio with all the right high-end gear. The level of producing, mixing as well as songwriting makes for a smooth process and the preference for tracking my drums.

Riptide, Screams of Scarlet, Once Awake 19/07/2016

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Bjørn Tore Erlandsen

We have used Strand studio several times. All the way professional, from recording sessions to the mastering. You will not find a better engineer or a better studio for Metal in Norway.

Aspherium 19/07/2016

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Andre Tjalve Kvebek

I’ve been working with Strand Studio consistently for all my releases the last 6-7 years. Collaborating towards a sound that suits the project is being highly prioritized here and I always end up with a result far better than expected.

Den Saakaldte, Beyond the Moon, Pantheon I, ex-1349 19/07/2016

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Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow

I do all my recordings in Strand Studio. It is the best drumsound I have come across in Norway and the recording process is extremely efficient and professional every time. I love not having to worry about anything else than playing well.

Sphere, Viper Solfa 19/07/2016

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HaaN / Gamle Erik

I've used Strand Studio for several albums with great results. Strand is very skilled at his job and delivers every time. Definitely my go-to place for my recording and sound engineering needs

Svarttjern, Repulsive Aggression 19/07/2016